L I V E   O N   M I R O   M A R K E T P L A C E 

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Design thinking is messy.​

And that's kinda why it works. 

But, do

swarms of sticky notes

have you feeling



Unlock the power to

organize connected thought. ​

Does this look familiar?

A tagged sticky note mess.

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Lets clusterize it into affinity clusters.

  • Quickly connect and intelligently layout your tagged items.

  • Help your teams see their networks of related thoughts.

  • Identify concept neighborhoods of affinity and collaboration, and second-order themes hiding in the connections.​

F I N D    I T   O N   T H E   M I R O   M A R K E T P L A C E 

L E T ' S    B U I L D    A    S H A R E D    V I S I O N

Have a vision for a visual thinking tool? ​

Let's connect our thoughts.

These tools only scratch the surface of what we can build with the             API. 

We love empowering visual thinkers. We're eager to see what you're envisioning and imagine what's possible.

Connect with us.

Clusterizer - app icon look - color.png

Now available on the

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